Update 2014-10-10: The documentary is now released and you can download it as a podcast at Magasinet Paragraf (in Swedish only).

Ickemedborgarna (The Non-Citizens) is a radio documentary about the political and historical events in Poland, 1968. It was a time of unrest and student revolts. The Six Day War between Israel and the arabic neighbouring countries gave birth to a fierce reaction from the Soviet regime and also Polands government. An anti-Semitic campaign took off and the consequences were devastating. Tens of thousands Polish Jews fled the country.

In this radio documentary you get to follow me, Isabel Sommerfeld and my cousin Daniela Auerbach, in our search for our roots. We travel to Poland, to discover our mothers background and ask us the question; how could this happen, just approximately 20 years after the Holocaust? What made our mothers and other Polish Jews flee? We also tell the life stories of Halina and Joseph. A young Jewish woman growing up in Poland, with a big love for her country and a huge anxiety for having to leave her homeland behind… A young Jewish boy, active in the student revolt, trying to change Poland into a free, democratic country, which led to imprisonment and torture.

On our way to our mothers childhood city, Wroclaw, Poland

 Joseph Dajczgewand                                                   Halina Hylander

At the radio archive in Stockholm

Outside our mothers childhood home in Wroclaw, Poland

Me and my cousin in Warsaw, 2012

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